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Perfect Theme For Marketing

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Unique Blog Designs have put the finishing touches on their latest offering, Affiliate Themes, the affiliate site creation tool for WordPress. The themes makes it extremely easy for anyone to create an affiliate niche site using the WordPess blogging platform. Instead of using WordPress to create a blog, Affiliate Theme uses WordPress to create an affiliate site! It’s the best thing to hit affiliate marketing since tracking analytics.

If you’ve been wanting to get into affiliate marketing but hesitated because you don’t know the first thing about creating a landing page, then you should definitely check out Affiliate Theme. If you’re already an affiliate marketer, then Affiliate Theme adds one more tool to your affiliate marketing arsenal. Some of the features of Affiliate Theme include:

  • Customize your Affiliate Theme with incredible ease! Change the color, fonts, call to action buttons, and even page layout! A highly-modified Theme Options panel allows you to choose between six unique layouts.
  • Build and modify your Affiliate Theme in minutes! Adding personality and branding to your affiliate web site is key to its credibility. With over 30 pre-made backgrounds and 30 pre-made headers, and the ability to change every tiny look and feel of the theme with a simple click, you’ll be able to create excellently branded sites in a few minutes.
  • Photoshop-like color picker allows you to instantly change the colors! Affiliate Theme made switching colors insanely easy. No need to play with HEX codes, or switch between programs to choose your colors. Even if you want to use a specific HEX code, just copy and paste it in.
  • Helpful, comprehensive Affiliate Theme Resource Center and Support. Unique Blog Designs know how important it is to have clear, concise instructions when working with web tools. That’s why they’ve created an incredibly comprehensive Resource Center. On top of that, they’ve interviewed more than 10 top affiliate marketers to pick their brains and give you huge money making ideas.

How To Make Money with Affiliate Theme

Affiliate Themes are made for Internet marketers looking to create professional looking landing pages for their affiliate offers. Niche sites make good money and since many of you already know how to run WordPress already, you can get a new affiliate niche site up and running in only a few minutes! Go back and watch the video again to get an idea on the full power of Affiliate Theme.

All the themes are fully customizable and available for you to take a test drive at Affiliate Themes are available at three price levels, with the Super Affiliate Package, being the best deal.

Single-Use Package – $97.00

(one time payment)

  • Use Affiliate Theme on a single domain/website
  • Six (6) unique page templates
  • Access to Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and Support Forum AND Affiliate Interviews

Multi-Use Package – $147.00

(one time payment)

  1. Use Affiliate Theme on a UNLIMITED domains/websites
  2. Six (6) unique page templates
  3. Access to Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and Support Forum AND Affiliate Interviews
  4. Free Lifetime upgrades
  5. BONUS Ten (10) pre-made UBD Niche Header Graphics for various affiliate marketing niches

Affiliate Theme – Super Affiliate Package – $197.00

(one time payment)

  • Use Affiliate Theme on a UNLIMITED domains/websites
  • Six (6) unique page templates
  • Access to Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base, and Support Forum AND Affiliate Interviews
  • Free Lifetime upgrades
  • BONUS Thirty-one (31) pre-made UBD Niche Header Graphics for various affiliate marketing niches
  • SUPER AFFILIATE PAYOUTS! Super affiliate payouts! Earn 50% (compared to the normal 30%) of all Affiliate Theme sales you refer to us.
  • BONUS Get access to new UBD headers graphics, every month!

Learn More or Download Affiliate Theme here.


  1. Whenever you set up an affiliate landing page appearance and copy are critical to its success and products such as Affiliate Theme can only enhance the chances of a successful landing page.

  2. Hi, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

  3. Just got the theme and already loving it. If you are into any type of affiliate marketing, then you really need to check this out.

  4. Got to check the themes. This is actually a great avenue for people looking for perfect landing pages for their affiliate offers and even those who are searching for professional looking themes.

  5. I got to this site while looking for imfo to improve my Internet marketing skills and I’m glad that I found it. You are providing good quality all-round info that will be very usefull to anyone in this field. You can now convert articles into videos then post them on video sharing sites in minutes

  6. Appreciate all the comments. Update on the Affiliate Theme. Since installing it, I have made several sales without doing anything further to my review site, including any SEO, PPC or other traffic generation techniques.

    Blog + Affiliate Theme = Money in the Bank.

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