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Well, it’s not often I write about something so fundamental. Basically, if you are doing anything online, you need hosting. This means you probably already have one. Do you love them?

If you don’t love them, and I mean would recommend them to everyone you meet, you really need to take a minute and listen up.I found the guys. I found the company, the technical support, the servers and the live chat system that will rock your world.

I first started using them about 4 months ago. Fell in love immediately. Look, hosting company’s are a dime a dozen. Many are fly by night and most offer crap support. I have changed a few times in my online career. I have had a host I loved, and recommended (still do in fact), but I had out grown it. It’s a painful process to discover that the 80+ sites you have online are hurting your host.

Shared hosting is where most people start out, including me. That means though, that I am not the only one on my IP. I am not the only one on my server. In fact, in most shared environments, I would be only one of up to 300 people sharing the server resources. Think about that a second. Does your computer slow down when you have 12 windows open? It’s the same for web servers.

So, I was using way more than my fair share of server resources. 15% of the total CPU was used by me and my sites. They politely asked me to consider upgrading my account, spliting it off into a second account on another server. Sure thing.

During this move a friend IM’d me about a new hosting company she had heard about. I wasn’t keen to try another one, especially as I was still very happy with my current host. It wasn’t their fault I had outgrown my account. But, I thought I would try it out on a single domain. At the price they were offering, it wasn’t going to cost me much to try it. So glad I did (and thanks Susan for pointing me to them)

I read their site, bought their lowest plan and moved a single domain (and the subdomain accounts) over to that account. Yeah, I had a couple of problems during the move, but they were mine, not the hosts. I stupidly thought moving my domain and all 10 of the subdomains would be a good plan (it wasn’t). It meant I had to copy and setup all 11 sites AT ONCE, before I updated the DNS (stupid, stupid, stupid). Oh well. Live and learn.

They helped me every step of the way. They copied, updated, adjusted config files and did everything they could to make the transition as smooth as possible. Live chat was answered immediately by people who’s first language was English. The ticket system was easy to use and didn’t require me to jump through hoops. Now, since computers are involved there is an occasional hiccup. That’s normal.

It’s how a company deals with that hiccup that sits them apart. And Host The Name is miles above most hosting companies I have been involved with.

FYI, I love them so much, I just bought a second account with them. The VPS account I have wanted for more than two years, just got affordable enough to have it AND three other hosting accounts. Two with IX and another with Host The Name.

Now, let’s talk brass tacts. Web hosting can be cheap and have junky support, or it can be expensive with excellent support. It’s rare to find a host that is both reliable and inexpensive. AND have excellent support. Host The Name’s starter package rings in at just $1.95 per month. Yep, you read that right. Per month. Prepay a year and it’s less than dinner out at Chili’s for two. Seriously? Who can’t afford excellent hosting now? No one.

Coupon Code

And to help with the start up costs, here’s a coupon to save 50% off the total bill when you purchase the standard plan. This is like telling ‘em Cenay sent you.

Want to upgrade to the Business plan? Here’s a coupon code that will save you 60% off their already low price.



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