Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

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Well, this might seem a little biased. Hell, it will probably seem a LOT biased since I wrote the damn thing! But, that doesn’t mean its not a valuable resource for you if you are serious about your blogging.

No, really.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows I am pretty terrible at blowing my own horn. I don’t mind so much when others do it for me though. Wait, don’t leave.. I am not gonna cram 42 testimonials in here. Just one!

What Readers Have Said

Here’s what Susan Coils of Sans Money Secret fame recently said on her blog:

Now Cenay, is the Ultimate WordPress Geek. Ok, she’s a geek in many things, but I have yet to find anyone who knows more about WordPress than she does. Most so called WP experts think if they tell you to download the ‘all in one seo pack’, that’s all you need to have a perfectly optimised blog that will rank highly in the search engines. BS.

Cenay however knows about a few (?) more plugins that can help to increase your traffic by improving not only your blog’s optimisation for the search engines, but also improving it for you and your visitors. And that means you are more likely to spend time updating it because it’s so much easier to do, and your visitors are much more likely to return because they had such a good experience first time around.

Despite WP’s reputation it is still pretty technical for newbies to the online world to master. And the array of plugins, although helpful only serves to confuse you even more. Why do you think this blog was so long in the making?

But I was lucky enough to actually review Cenay’s “Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins “, and so, even before the final version was completed I used it to put together this blog.

Now I don’t like to brag, (well, actually I do, lol), but we were indexed pretty darn quick, (despite not putting out any links), and on the first page of Google for some particularly cool keywords.

As a newbie to WP, and a scared newbie at that, I have to say I found the information in Cenay’s guide to be absolutely first class. Admittedly, at first reading, it was a little heavy going for me, but true to her word, she implemented the tweaks and suggestions I put forward and made it friendly enough for even the newest of newbies to understand.

Am I biased because Cenay is a fellow Insider? No doubt you all think I would be, and maybe I am. But if I am, it’s because I have first hand knowledge of just how amazing this lady is. You don’t… yet.

Okay, now I am blushing.

Get On Page 1 Of Google

Seriously, if you want to increase your blog’s traffic, make the visitors experience more enjoyable (so they will come back), and monetize your blog, then you really need to go get the Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins . It’s the exact recipe I used to get on the first page of Google for a keyword I wanted, in less than one hour. Forty-one minutes to be precise.

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