WP Twin: Clone A Blog In Under 57 Seconds $97

WP Twin: Clone A Blog In Under 57 Seconds

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Perfect For Affiliate Marketing

Say you set up micro niche sites or review sites. Meaning a LOT of blogs targeting keywords.

When you set up these affiliate review sites, you go through the manual process of installing the themes… Configuring the plugins (such as all-in-one SEO)… creating the pages and posts…

No more! You now just clone a site that you’ve already set up once. Now when you need to set up a similar blog, you just push a few buttons…

And in less than 32 seconds you will have an exact clone of that blog installed on a new domain or subdomain.

Perfect For Sales Letters

As a bonus you’ll get an already cloned “WordPress sales letters” setup.

This thing is slick – it comes with 25 unique sales letter themes. But even better – it come with a custom plugin where you can click just one button and it will insert a fill-in-the-blank sales letter for you.

There are actually 7 fill-in-the-blank templates to choose from… All written by Jason Fladlien, a highly paid copywriter.

Best of all – you just upload the zip and the “deploy” file, click one button and it’s ready for you to use and profit from.

Perfect for Membership Sites & WishList plugins…

I don’t care how you have your membership site set up with WishList… Whether 1 level or 100 levels… Drip content or no drip content…

You can clone the entire thing. In seconds.

This means you no longer have to manually set up a membership site from scratch again. Think of all the time this will save you!

You Use The Thesis, Catalyst or Profit Theme?

Thesis theme is great… Only after you meticulously set it up. Same goes for Catalyst and Profit.

Out of the box they kind of suck until you configure all the settings properly. Now you NEVER have to do that again. Just clone your fully customized theme that’s already been configured exactly how you like it.

Now you can just deploy the clone on a new installation of WordPress (takes about 40 seconds)… and presto! You’re done.

You Want To Hacker-Proof Your Blog?

You are afraid a hacker will take your blog down? If you’re not using our cloner technology, it absolutely can happen.

But here’s how this new technology will protect you. Every day you can push one button (it takes a second) and create a new up to date clone. Now if your blog ever gets comprised… just deploy a new clone.

Best of all you can make this update from anywhere! Even your iPhone, iPad, Android or any smart phone!

Makes Your Blog Screw-up Proof Also!

Before you install a new theme on an existing blog… Or add a new plugin… Or try editing something… Create a clone of it by pushing one button.

Now if you do break something… Nothing is lost. You just deploy the clone and all is right again. Sweet!

Transferring a Blog To New Domain and/or Server?

Now you can do it in seconds – and completely take your whole blog with you!

If you’ve tried to do this manually with WordPress in the past… You found it almost impossible. Now you can do it in about 2 minutes. Sweet! I know, it sounds too good to be true, right?

Let me share with you one thing I did with it after purchasing it, that might just surprise you. I had created a generic blog theme, complete with the standard pages I always add (like privacy policy, contact me, archives, disclaimer) and the customized version of the Catalyst theme. I added several different versions of the page background, menu images and navigation backgrounds. I got everything dialed in, and then cloned the site.

We are talking Permalinks, plugins I always use, options setup and configured…everything. Now, whenever I start a new Adsense site, I install WordPress, deploy my clone, and then make specific changes for just this site. It saves me a ton of time for every new site I setup.

Click on the video and let Jason show you how to clone a complete Membership site in just a couple of minutes. Seriously.

Click the BUY button below, or follow this link to learn more about WP Twin.

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